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Over the past 12 months, Franks team has worked tirelessly to create a potent brand, a collective community of like-minded makers, commission opportunities that support the art of ritual and support artists and performers, and develop a vibrant mission for The Cabinet.

From “Surprise, Death is not The End” at Links Hall, to “Journey for the Sun” at Actors Gymnasium, along with commissions by The Oscars Committee, Navy Pier, Clayco Foundation, The University of Chicago, Chicago Children’s Theatre, and more, our first year was remarkable.

This summer, Frank will lead The Cabinet in multiple exploratory and civic adventures.

He is committed to accomplishing multiple event commissions which include the creation of fantastic worlds, unusual objects and spectacle and ceremonial experiences. These commissions help support the mission of Cabinet, and ease the load off of individual funders. A unique Not for Profit model.

Firstly, Frank is designing and producing the entrance and processional spectacles for The Shedds Aquarium’s 2018 Gala. He is employing over 30 artists to create a fantastic and wild journey for the guests of the event. Masks, mechanical devices, celebratory procession and more.

Then, he will then design and direct the Grand Opening of the Fifth Third Bank Pavilion at Navy Pier for the Chicago Children’s Theatre. He will guide and deploy over 30 artists and performers to accomplish several hours of play and purpose.

Simultaneously, he is spending the summer with Seth Bockley and a team of performers studying the art of shadow puppetry as an element of a new production they intend to present in 2019. This is the beginning of a new work examining the life

of John Newton, author of Amazing Grace. This process is supported by The University of Chicago Performance Lab Program.

Additionally, he is designing many of the spectacle elements for the 2018 Illumination event, including interactive equipment, aerial performance, installations of light and illuminated dance. He will direct over 50 artists and performers in creating the best Halloween Party Chicago has to offer. A party with a cause.

Frank is also co-curating a unique experiential event EXQUISITE PUPPET PRESSURE(EPP): Part Development Laboratory. Part Artist Sleep Over. Part Performance Event. A 24-hour on-site residency and performance opportunity with the University of Chicago, 2019, curated by Heidi Coleman and Frank Maugeri and supported by University of Chicago EPP embraces the passionate development of new work in modern puppetry and looks to reveal the demanding and furious work that results when artists gather in a room and risk new ideas under the pressure of limited time.

Lastly, he is working with a team to establish Cabinet’s 501C3 status, create a board of directors to consult on Cabinets mission and goals, and create the first ever Cabinet Benefit- where he will present the 2018/19 projects and celebrate an intimate ceremonial ritual event, “In the Dark”. Date and location to be announced soon.

Stay tuned, and follow us on Facebook for images of process and new product.