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Having grown up on the southwest side of Chicago into a working class family dedicated to the labor of the steel industry, Frank has always been interested in the invented and inspired by the power of the hand. He often speaks of art being born between three apparatus: the brain to the heart to the hand. Inspired by handmade objects, Victorian mechanical devices, and the challenge of re-purposing and transforming objects, Frank continues to pursue his fascination with developing innovative, interactive, and one-of-a-kind devices. From service items, to parade equipment, to puppet theater, his work is defined by the ambition to invent customized, engineered objects and encourage the audience to enjoy the experience of creations made from the hands of disciplined artists, engineers and more, which have included numerous memorable objects of his own creation, including some of Redmoon’s most remarkable inventions: The Momentary Opera, Mobile Nickelodeons, Mechanical Scrolls, The Libation Machine, The Bubble Man, The Cake Hats, and The Suitcase Servers.


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