Cabinet of Curiosity Events is very grateful for any gift. Our Fiscal Sponsor is Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)3 organization that helps artists like us raise money from charitable sources without becoming a non-profit ourselves. All contributions to Cabinet of Curiosity Events through Fractured Atlas will be 100% tax deductible and will go directly to the art of CoCE. Thanks for your contribution!

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Thanks to Our 2017 Donors

Linda Levin, Tom Rossiter, Margo Blair, Alicia Mullen, Karyn Pettigrew, Bill Barnes, Karen Hamilton, Donna Sue Van Cleaf, Anne Zenzer, Shawn Clark, Matt Rhodes, Phil Cable, Nina Scroeder, Carol Luat, Kurt Rhode, Bill Barnes, Eva Silvermen, Christy Uchida, The Presser Family, Tony Karmen, Christy Uchida, Kasia and Greg Kay, Brad Moore, The Presser Family, Kim Ohms, Sheila Anderson, Shannon Carpenter, Micheal and Donna Gennerro, Timothy Swanson, Anne and Dino Zenzer, Jamie Cahillene, Chip Von Weiss

Special thanks to

Sue Haas, Samson Maugeri, Frida Maugeri, Marvin Rossi, Carmen Maugeri, Ginna Ryan, Blair Thomas, Steve Abrams, Jacqui Russell, Michelle Boone, Mark Kelly, Mauge Design and Nick De Genova

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